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Untame Your Story,
Rewild Your Life


“The Earth and your own soul require you to live magnificently and fiercely; it is time for a new story.”


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Live Your Wild Soul Story

Photograph by Gary Topper

Photograph by Gary Topper

Welcome Creatives, Change-Makers and Spiritual Seekers

If you yearn for a deeper, more connected and creative life then your Wild Soul Story provides a map unlike any other. Rooted in the wild language of nature, metaphor and poetry, it is set to guide you to the heart of your aliveness.

No one Wild Soul Story is like any other. To all of us, however, it bridges the false divide between outer and inner nature, Earth and Soul.

Living this story, you come fully alive. You embrace a sense of self that is connected to the Earth and to your own true nature.

Your Wild Soul Story isn’t the story of your job title or credentials. It cares less for facts and more for feelings; it prefers instinct to reason. It is a story that requires you to leave the well-worn path and enter the dark and leafy terrain of your imagination It finds its voice in the the great wildness that sings from mountaintops and calls to you in the river’s flow.

It is both a new and also ancient story, rooted deep within your wild soul. Once revealed, it will forever change the way you live, act, and dream.

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The Award-Winning Book


Discover within:

  • The silence and simplicity of deserts

  • The mystery of forests

  • The flow of oceans and rivers

  • The inspiration of mountains

  • the regenerative spirit of grasslands

Mary Reynolds Thompson explores “the breath of wilderness,” the reality of kinship that exists just beyond the reach of our senses - or a least our most familiar senses. She has rolled up her sleeves and commenced what Thomas Berry called the Great Work of the 21st century: reconnecting to the rest of the natural world, for meaning. For soul.
— Richard Louv

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