November 3-5, 2017

A Wild Soul Woman Retreat both financially supports and is sponsored by TreeSisters

Are You a Wild Soul Woman?

“Mary Reynolds Thompson works simple magic to bind our broken souls back into full round rapport with the more-than-human terrain. And as the land restores our sanity, we’re empowered to work with new clarity to replenish the many-voiced vitality of the animate earth.”

Author of The Spell of The Sensuous, Becoming Animal

What if Rewilding the World Begins with Rewilding Our Own Souls?

Are you ready to let go of the shames and chains that are keeping you tied to a life that is too small? Do you long to experience the fullness of your gifts, passion, and purpose?

Then join me and a host of other Wild Soul Women for an extraordinary retreat in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

A woman no longer separate from the flesh of Earth,
becomes her, speaks for her,
lifts her throat and sings of fire below
and stars in her hair.
We are granite and grandeur,
full-fleshed and woven through
with wildflowers.
~Mary Reynolds Thompson

This Weekend Retreat Will Give You Access
to the Deepest and Most Authentic Aspects
of Your Wild Soul

We sense it––a wild tide of women is rising. We are ready to take back this world and start living from the truth of who we are. We are ready to break free of the shames and chains of patriarchy that have kept us small.

We know it is our time to step into our fullness. The Earth, her inhabitants, and our own wild souls demand nothing less.

But how do we access our wild depths? What path will take us there?

This journey leads into the five Earth archetypes of your wild soul. The great landscapes of the earth —the desert, forests, oceans and river, mountains, and grasslands­­–– are your ancestors. They offer primal wisdom on how to live from your deepest and most authentic self —that is, the core self that lies beneath the enculturation, commands, and demands of the modern world.

Join me for a profound journey into your Earth-born self

Do you sense a wilder and more authentic part of you that longs to break free? Does the word “Wild” seem to awaken a primal energy deep inside? When you think of a Wild Soul Woman what do you see? What do you feel? Allow yourself to sense into the energy and essence of a Wild Soul Woman. And know, that if she stirs in your deepest being, then this retreat is for you.

In taking this journey, you will discover within yourself…

The Deserts

Silent, spacious, dry — where you feel into the bones of your being and the essence of who you truly are.

The Forests

Mysterious, shadowed, ancient — where you explore your most creative, wild, and enchanted aspects as wise woman.

The Oceans and Rivers

Fluid, powerful, generative—where you experience the depth of your longings and undam/n the flow of your life.

The Mountains

Solid, visible, influential—where you take a stand for the highest good and find the courage to rise and be seen for who you truly are.

The Grasslands

Fertile, beautiful, sensuous—where you find the places (within and without) that invite your own passionate blooming.


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To feel the breath of wildness come into your body is to reclaim your natural wholeness.

It is to be enfolded by fields of grasses
and held by the mountains’ slow and steady strength.
It is to hear in your own heartbeat the thunderous roar of the ocean,
reminding you that your life still belongs to the wild Earth.
All you have to do is reach for her.

© Mary Reynolds Thompson

“With ingenuity and subtlety, Mary Reynolds Thompson guides us in ways both old and new to enter Earth’s archetypal wildscapes and allow them to infuse us and make us whole again, fully human.”

Bill Plotkin
Author of Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche and Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

The Setting for Our Sacred Work

The Sequoia Retreat Center is nestled high in the Santa Cruz mountains. Here, towering sequoias, some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world, rise to touch the sky. With its roots in non-violence the Sequoia Retreat Center is a place of profound peace and beauty. It will nurture your body and soul. Here you’ll find comfortable cabins, natural meeting spaces, and meals prepared with fresh, organic ingredients. We shall be the only group at the center, helping us to fully tap into the transformative energies of this sacred space.

My own journey

At age 27, newly sober and scared to death of living without alcohol, I had what I now view as a mystical experience. Standing on a bluff above the Pacific Ocean on a stormy day, I felt the strength and power of the ocean enter my body. I tasted salt in my mouth and didn’t know if it was the ocean’s or mine. I felt completely at one with that immense body of water.

That moment was my turning point. In experiencing a deep connection with the wild Earth I started to embrace my own true nature: embodied, Earth-centered, vital. I began to claim myself as a Wild Soul Woman.

In the years that followed I was to have other, equally powerful experiences in deserts, forests, on mountain peaks, by rushing rivers, and in lush meadows and sweeping grasslands. Sweating up dusty trails with a full pack, lying on sweet smelling summer grass, flinging my naked body into icy mountain lakes, or feeling the soft ooze of mud between my toes, my body began to feel like home to me again.

Every step of the way, the Earth spoke to me in wild metaphors and sensual, wind-born language that whispered of timeless truths. I began to feel rooted, rock-sturdy, as liberated as spring melt.

The Earth and her great landscapes mentored me. I blossomed under their guidance. Like a wildflower bursting through the cement of all that sought to confine me, I felt myself, finally and fully, coming alive.

Today I want to invite you to take the journey of a Wild Soul Woman with me. Learning how Earth’s archetypes stir within you — which are dominant, which are dormant, which need to be awoken and which need to be handled carefully— will help you call forth your most creative, alive, and authentic self.

When we awaken to Earth’s landscapes, as D. H. Lawrence writes, we shall stamp our feet with new power / and old things will fall down.

Become a Wild Soul Woman: Untamed, Unashamed, Unstoppable


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What Reclaiming Yourself as a Wild Soul Woman Gives to You

The knowing that you have 4.5 billion years of earth wisdom coursing through your veins.
Until now, much of your wild self has likely remained elusive. The modern world is not set up to help us feel the breath of forests within or the granite and grandeur of mountains that reside in our core. We have forgotten that we are starlight and stream, graceful and gritty as grasslands and soil. As women, only a small portion of who we are is deemed acceptable.

It is time to take back the entirety of who we are.

During this Wild Soul Woman Retreat you will…

  •  Participate in a dynamic community of women who are reclaiming their own wildness in service of living fully.
  •  Awaken the Earth Archetypes within you so that you can stop playing safe and have the impact you long for.
  •  Enhance your sense of self, stand in your own magnificence, become courageous, bountiful and brave.
  •  Experience your innate wildness through tools and embodied practices that bridge Earth and soul.
  •  Heal core wounds that have kept you from expressing your vibrancy, sensuality, and creativity.

What Wild Soul Women Participants are Saying

“A Wild Soul Woman was and continues to be deep source of inspiration for life! The archetypal landscapes were explored in such a profound way that truly made a difference in my work as an artist: I was practically stepping into new things and connecting to the landscape energies gave answers to many questions I had – and unexpectedly deep answers straight from the intelligence and power of nature.”


“Through Mary’s magnificent teaching, the Deserts, Forests, Oceans and Rivers, Mountains, and Grasslands awakened a wild spirit within me yearning to be discovered, honored, unfettered.”

Katey Simetra

“I now know we are one with the Earth and that the landscapes are our healers, teachers, and shaman. I return to the landscapes in my dreams and waking life every day to help me live with passion. I can barely remember what it felt like before waking up; I never want to go back to sleepwalking through life again.”

Lori Wallace

“I have felt the release of grief and despair when embraced by the Desert. I have known the strength of Mountains as I have stood in support of Water Protectors. I have felt guidance from Forests as they eased me to be at home in darkness and mystery and helped me unearth my own intuition. Oceans and rivers rocked me gently until joy became a creative flow and then a big moving wave. Finally, at home, feeling community and connectedness I am able to sit comfortably in the grasslands with all of who I am. My Wild Soul heart beats strong and ready.”

Laurie Shade-Neff

Your Gifts

  •  The Wild Soul Mandala: An activation tool where you drop in through the different layers of the archetypes. Make this wild soul mandala, a symbol of wholeness, part of your daily practice and begin embodying the wisdom of Earth’s great landscapes.
  •  The Wild Soul Woman Companion Workbook: This companion workbook is filled with prompts, practices and explorations to enhance your experience and help you deepen into the wisdom of Earth’s archetypes.
  •  A complementary Wild Soul Woman coaching call with Mary: Your 30-minute call will be scheduled for after the retreat, as a way of helping you to more fully embody and express from your Wild Soul.

About Mary

Mary Reynolds Thompson, founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, is a pioneer in the emerging field of spiritual ecology. An award-winning writer and facilitator of poetry and journal therapy, she is dedicated to helping people experience a less tame and more creative and connected way of living through awakening to the transformative power of Earth’s archetypes.

She teaches, speaks, and holds workshops around the world; is an instructor for TreeSisters, an ecofeminist non-profit with the dual mission of empowering women and reforesting the tropics; and is core faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute, the leading training institute for expressive writing therapy.

Her books are Embrace Your Inner Wild (with photographer Don Moseman) and Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness (a 2015 Nautilus Award Winner)She is at work on her new book, A Wild Soul Woman.

A Wild Soul Woman is rooted, powerful, authentic, instinctual, and awake. She feels her oneness with the Earth, and the strength, sensuality, and creativity this kindles in her…


Payment Plans Available