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  • “Mary Reynolds Thompson explores ‘the breath of wildness,’ the reality of kinship that exists just beyond the reach of our senses — or at least our most familiar senses. She has rolled up her sleeves and commenced what Thomas Berry called the Great Work of the 21st century: reconnecting to the rest of the natural world, for meaning. For soul.”

    Richard Louv
    The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods
  • “Mary Reynolds Thompson’s book works simple magic to bind our broken souls back into full-round rapport with the more-than-human terrain. And as the land restores our sanity, we’re empowered to work with new clarity to replenish the many-voiced vitality of the animate earth.”

    David Abram
    The Spell of the Sensuous, Becoming Animal
  • “Reclaiming the Wild Soul leads us on a journey of exploration, through imagery, poetry, story and creative imagination, to connect back to the five archetypal landscapes in Nature, and reconnect to our own inherent Nature.”

    Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
    Cultural Anthropologist, Author of The Four Fold Way and Living with Gratitude
  • “With ingenuity and subtlety, Mary Reynolds Thompson guides us in ways both old and new to enter Earth’s archetypal wildscapes and allow them to infuse us and make us whole again, fully human. Woven with enchanting stories and wise counsel, Reclaiming the Wild Soul lavishly supports us, at this time of global crisis/opportunity, to return, emboldened, to Earth and to our own human wildness.”

    Bill Plotkin
    author of Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche and Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche
  • “In Reclaiming the Wild Soul, the forests and mountains, the deserts and the oceans, the rivers and the grasslands find their voice. Once heard, we can never forget what they have to say. May we all follow the summons and embark on such a journey. Mary’s field guide lights the way.”

    Clare Dakin
    Founder TreeSisters
  • “Mary Reynolds Thompson identifies the most powerful qualities of our Earth’s great landscapes. She then magically guides us back into a nearly lost realm where we truly feel that our imagination, our inner lives, and our physical selves are an integral expression of the planet herself. Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a beautiful, passionate, and trustworthy handbook for deeper transformation.”

    Lauren de Boer
    executive editor, EarthLight, a magazine of ecology, cosmology, and spirituality
  • “With the urgency of Rachel Carson and the lyricism of Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Reynolds Thompson brings startling clarity to the myriad ways the earth’s archetypal landscapes mirror our own pain, struggles, resources and triumphs. Simultaneously self-help and a courageous call to action, Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a vibrant and necessary addition to the literature on ecopsychology, Gaia consciousness, and the thinking person’s interior life.”

    Kathleen Adams
    Director, Center for Journal Therapy, Inc.; Editor, Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice
  • “The future of religion and of the planet’s health are both connected integrally with our gaining a new sense of reverence for the Earth. Mary Reynolds Thompson’s writing provides a creative, fresh approach to this spiritual task. Through language that connects our inner depths with nature’s mysterious and challenging beauty, she invites us to deepen our allegiances to our own true nature, to nature itself, and to the source of both.”

    The Rev. Fletcher Harper
    executive director, GreenFaith
  • Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a gateway into the great spiritual journey of our time: that of nondual consciousness, also called spiritual ecology. These moving stories and images and poetry of Reynolds Thompson will carry you into a fresh, though ancient, realization: the deserts and forests and mountains are there in the universe, and yet simultaneously, they are vibrantly alive in the depths of our souls.”

    Brian Swimme, Ph.D.
    author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos and The Universe Story (with Thomas Berry)
  • “Reclaiming the Wild Soul is a must read for anyone on a joyous path to wholeness. Mary Reynolds Thompson’s superb book takes us back to our deep roots in nature where our dreams and destiny intertwine. Her book ignites the soul with the earth’s powerful wisdom and connects each of us to our deepest, wildest, wisest selves.”

    Terry Laszlo-Gopadze
    editor of The Spirit of a Woman
  • “What an elegant concept for a book—to engage the reader in the process of surrender, to the light, the texture, the inward quality of the landscape. This is what real writing is—an extended active imagination, a dialogue with our surroundings. This book will guide you back to that connection—where the inner world and the outer world meet and simultaneously enrich each other. Mary Reynolds Thompson provides a graceful initiation into an I /Thou relation with the Earth. She is someone I’d like to walk with, into the Dark Wood.”

    Valerie Andrews
    author of A Passion for this Earth
  • “Mary Reynolds Thompson asks simple yet profound questions in exploring our connection with nature, and helping us reclaim our wild soul. And reclaim that soul, we must, if we are to find a way towards an Earth that can sustain itself in the face of human consumption and population. She writes in a way that makes you care about this planet, see its beauty on deep levels, and revel in precious moments of discovery and mystery.”

    Stephen Altschuler
    author of The Mindful Hiker

Reclaiming the
Wild Soul

Beyond the chaos and stresses of our modern age, there lies a forgotten yet primal terrain rich in wisdom, healing, and wholeness.  In Reclaiming the Wild Soul, Mary Reynolds Thompson takes us on a journey into Earth’s five great landscapes as aspects of our deeper, wilder selves. There, where the inner and outer worlds meet, we discover within our souls:

  • the silence and simplicity of deserts
  • the mystery of forests
  • the flow of oceans and rivers
  • the inspiration of mountains
  • the regenerative spirit of grasslands

Once awakened, these “soulscapes” reveal the beauty and magnificence of our own true nature––and a path of personal transformation aligned with the healing of the wild Earth. Reclaiming the Wild Soul is simultaneously self-help and a courageous call to action for our times.

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