Welcome creatives, Earth-lovers, and spiritual seekers. If you yearn for a deeper, more connected, and creative life, your Wild Soul Story is a map unlike any other. Rooted in wild language–– leafy, rich, raw–– it is set to guide you to the heart of your aliveness.

No one Wild Soul Story is like any other.  To all of us, however, it bridges the false divide between inner and outer nature, Earth and Soul.

Living this story, we come fully alive. We embrace a sense of self that is connected to the Earth and to our own true nature.

Your Wild Soul Story isn’t the story of your job title or credentials. It cares less for facts and more for feelings; it prefers instinct to reason. It is a story that requires you to leave the well-worn path and enter the dark and leafy terrain of your imagination. It communicates in the language of poetry, metaphor, and nature.


Many will never come to know their Wild Soul Story, let alone live it. The world is set up to keep us tamped down and obedient to its marching band. It tells us we are separate from the natural world, cut off from the great wildness that sings from mountaintops and calls to us in the river’s flow.

And yet, in listening to this new and also ancient story, something remarkable happens. In the language of the wild, we begin to find the narrative thread our souls long to follow. There are metaphors and images that speak to your particular dreams, history, and being. Once heard, they will forever change the way you live, act, and dream.

If you long to make art, write from your heart, work to create a more lush and lovely world—if you want to find the courage to live according to your own truths—your Wild Soul Story holds the key to your personal unfolding.

I look forward to our shared journey. In the meeting of Earth and Soul, your new story is arising.

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If writing a book is part of your Wild Soul Story, then please also check out my Write the Damn Book website for news of workshops and coaching programs. 


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