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  • “This is a book of astonishment, reverence, and freedom. Familiar and less familiar beings and places are alike made bright here, burnished by a seeing made vision, a seeing made also more precise by being shared. These pages enact an invitation that leads inward and also outward. I looked, I read, I lingered . . . then reached for my hiking boots, to go out at once and see more deeply and freely for myself.”

    Jane Hirshfield
    prize-winning poet and essayist, finalist National Book Critics Circle Award
  • “Embrace Your Inner Wild is a celebration of nature’s medicine, wisdom, and unparalleled beauty. Reading it fills my heart with awe and desire to do more to serve Earth’s web of creation. It’s a great gift to nourish the heart and spirit of anyone who loves the natural world.”

    Nina Simons
    Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Bioneers/Collective Heritage Institute
  • “Startling us with exquisite photographs of jeweled hummingbirds, white-tailed kites, and secret river eddies, Don Moseman delivers us into the majesty of the natural world. With elegant and dynamic prose that sends us soaring, Mary Reynolds Thompson awakens our senses to all the thrills and wonders of the wild. Let this wonderful book rejuvenate you from the inside out!”

    Osprey Orielle Lake
    Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus and author of Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature
  • “Don Moseman has the uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time. He captures peak moments, for which only a few top shooters working for National Geographic have bragging rights. Truly, images worth seeing and preserving.”

    Frederic Larson
    award-winning San Francisco Chronicle Photographer
  • “In Embrace Your Inner Wild, photographer Don Moseman and writer Mary Reynolds Thompson fill this gap. They offer up real California landscapes, and real species, patiently photographed and warmly described. If this book doesn’t set your feet in motion for the trail, nothing will.”

    Allen Fish
    director, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
  • “This book is not only beautiful, but inspiring, thought provoking, and so needed in today’s society. Embrace Your Inner Wild offers profound insight on every page. I highly recommend it.”

    Elaine Wilkes
    author of Nature’s Secret Messages:Hidden in Plain Sight
  • “At a time when the urgency is upon us to befriend the earth, this book offers a pathway into her beauty.”

    Jan Phillips
    author of God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art
  • “Do you remember a beautiful place in nature where you felt inspired, at peace, and filled with wonder? In Embrace Your Inner Wild, author Mary Reynolds Thompson and photographer Don Moseman interweave stunning images and stirring words that capture our imagination. This book reminds us that our journey on Earth has been alongside animals, and that each of us is connected to the wild places. This is a book that you will want to return to again and again to refresh the glimpse of splendor found within its pages.”

    Catriona MacGregor
    Vision & Nature Quest Leader and author of the award winning book Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth
  • “Each turn of the page brings stunning prose poems and breathtaking images. Mary Reynolds Thompson’s connection to her own ‘inner wild’ is transparent as sunrise, brazen as a bullfinch, and soul-stirringly, achingly gorgeous.”

    Kathleen Adams
    Director, Center for Journal Therapy, and author of the bestselling Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth
  • “My heart smiles in wonder and delight as I turn each page. The photographs are amazing, and the reflections guide me to that numinous place which is, simultaneously, within and without.”

    Elizabeth Ayres
    author of Invitation to Wonder: A Journey through the Seasons and Founder of the Center for Creative Writing
  • “Only someone with Don Moseman’s patience to walk across continents could hold a camera for hours on a bobcat that itself is holding its position for hours during a hunt. The resulting images of animals behaving as if nobody were watching are deeply affecting and show wildness in its truest sense. For many, the images and accompanying text by Mary Reynolds Thompson will impel both celebration and protection in equal measure.”

    Jim Kravets
    Founder and former editor, West Marin Citizen Newspaper

Embrace Your
Inner Wild

“For the love of the Earth, its inhabitants, and the wild soul that longs to be set free.”

For anyone who seeks a deeper connection to nature, this full-color book is a visual and verbal psalm to wildness that invites you see the world and your own Inner Wild in a whole new way. Draw inspiration from the intimate images and thoughtful reflections of photographer Don Moseman and writer Mary Reynolds Thompson. Discover your own sense of possibilities in the spiraling of hawks and the fierce stare of bobcats.

Inspired by the creatures and landscapes of Marin County, California, but with a message that transcends any one time or place, this book is a plea for the importance of wildness in a world given to high-tech and high stress. Read it—and set your wild soul free.

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