William Carney’s Wild Soul Story

In his early teens, his parents move the family to Cincinnati, Ohio, where, outside their apartment is a large woods. There, Bill makes friends with a sprawling Osage Orange Tree, does his first landscaping, and falls in love with a black-throated green warbler. You can listen to Bill story, by clicking here. Let it inspire you to reflect on your own life-changing adventures with nature.

Kai Siedenburg’s Wild Soul Story

A nature connection guide and writer who helps people cultivate intimate, mindful and juicy relationships with the natural world, Kai Seidenburg takes us on a walk into the woods close to Santa Cruz, California. There, practicing the skills of mindfulness and receptivity that she has developed over the years, she experiences a moment of deep intimacy with a bay laurel tree. Told with rich and loving detail, this beautiful story inspires us to seek out nature with a gentle heart and quiet mind.