William Carney's Wild Soul Story


During his early teens, William (Bill) Carney's parents move the family to Cincinnati, Ohio. There, outside their apartment is a large woods where Bill makes friends with a sprawling Osage Orange Tree, make his first forays into landscaping, and falls in love with a black throated green warbler. You can listen to Bill's story, by clicking here. Let it inspire you to reflect on your own life-changing adventures with nature. Bill Carney is president of Sustainable San Rafael and former president of San Francisco Friends of the Urban Forest. As a landscape architect, he helped oversee the design and construction of Yerba Buena Gardens and other projects in downtown San Francisco. His publications include two book length poems—Mountain, An Evolutionary Epic, which presents the history of the universe as “the ultimate campfire story,” and Cities, a nuclear peace poem. Both are available at www.williamcarney.net.