What Are You Waiting For? by Kai Siedenburg


What powerful seeds

lie dormant

deep within you,


to break through

the surface

and reach

their slender stems

toward the light?

What tender buds

are swelling

inside you,

yearning to unfurl

their radiant petals

and reveal their

hidden beauty?

What songs and stories

are swirling

deep within

your breast?

What wild

and magical dreams

are stirring your soul?

What are you

waiting for,

dear one?

The world is hungry

for your beauty,

calling you

to bring forth

your deepest gifts.

The seeds

have been patient

for so long—


for just a few drops of rain,

a few rays of sun,

a few kind words...

don’t deny them that.

Don’t wait

until it feels safe

to break open...

that day

may never come.

From Poems of Earth and Spirit 70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature by Kai Siedenburg


What seeds lie dormant within you? Name the seeds, so that you come know them. Perhaps the seed is the seed of a community you plan to create, a poem that wants to emerge, a new relationship, or a desire for more joy.

After you have named the seeds, ask what they need to bloom and flourish. Journal your answers. What have you discovered?

What would happen if you didn't wait to feel safe, and broke open now?