The River Stone


The River Stoneshe held the stone wet from the river so black and glimmering it could have been a dark star they shouted down from last night's sky

a magpie semaphored through the green cottonwoods calling complaints against their presence while the river giggled past their feet like talkative wine and the sun wrapped them tight in their yearning

––it's a jewel she said i want you to have it

he took it from her with hands twining water mingling on skin and rock like oilslick in the heat of day

the sky danced in her brown eyes and time stopped in his heart

(c) T.H. Watkins, "The River Stone" From Earth & Eros: A Celebration in Words and Photographs

  • Tell of a moment in nature charged with love and sensuality, as in the poem.
  • How does nature contribute to your sensuality?
  • Write a love letter to a riverstone, or a rainbow, or a tree--whatever takes your fancy in nature.