Seeding Change, One Book at a Time


Some things just happen naturally, easy as breathing. When I encountered TreeSisters and the remarkable Clare Dakin, I knew almost right away that I wanted to contribute to her non-profit organization. Maybe it was because deforestation pained me so deeply, and here was an organization dedicated to helping reforest the Earth. Maybe it was because of all the amazing women I had learned of, who like Clare, had dedicated their lives to protecting and planting trees. Women like those in the Himalayas who put their bodies between the trees and the chainsaws, and started the Chipko movement; or the work of Wangari Maathai who founded the Green Belt Movement that has planted tens of millions of trees in Kenya and beyond; or Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived in the arms of a towering redwood for two years, battered by the elements, to save a grandmother tree from being felled.

What is it about women and trees? What is about humans and trees? Native Americans call trees "standing people." And truly, humans and trees share the vertical life––though trees can teach us so much about being rooted, standing our ground, facing what comes without running away.

Trees. Sisters. A beautiful combination. Not one, I might add, that leaves out men. Only asks, perhaps, that we learn from trees the feminine qualities of being strong, but flexible, able to bend but not break, even as the storms keep coming.

So please know that with every copy of Reclaiming the Wild Soul you purchase through my publisher, White Cloud Press, $1:00 goes to TreeSisters.

Working together, we can reforest the world.