My Tree by Rolf Jacobsen


It’s the cedar – the mother of lingonberry – that is my tree.
It doesn’t need summer  – rain and snow are enough.

Its top is high and ragged, no one hears its sound.
It has a tough, long root that it sinks into gravel.

Over its shoulder is wind, over its hair, clouds.

Storms don’t bring it down. It may kneel. But it stays there.

Maybe it has some destination in mind – the white bed of
crowfoot flowers
At the end of the world where the glaciers rule.

Among all the trees on earth it is nearest to the great snow,
To the blind sun of the glacier. I want to be a tree like that.

(c) Rolf Jacobsen

  • What is your favorite tree? Simply name it.

  • Then write a character sketch of your favorite tree.

  • Finally, write a piece about your tree that begins, "I want to be a tree like that...." After you have written your piece, reflect on the tree's qualities you would like to embody.