Love Poem










Rain smell comes with the wind out of the southwest. Smell of sand dunes tall grass glistening in the rain. Warm raindrops that fall easy (this woman) The summer is born. Smell of her breathing new life damp sand. small gray toads on (this woman) whispering to dark wide leaves white moon blossoms dripping tracks in the sand. Rain smell I am full of hunger deep and longing to touch wet tall grass, green and strong beneath. This woman loved a man and she breathed to him her damp earth song. I am haunted by this story I remember it in cottonwood leaves the shade. their fragrance in I remember it in the wide blue sky when the rain smell comes with the wind.


(C) Leslie Marmon Silko
From the anthology "Sisters of the Earth"
  • Tell about a day full of "rain smell" --what happened? Where were you?
  • "Love Poem" is so sensual and lush--Write a poem about a place in nature, allowing your sense of smell to lead you into lots more sensuous details.
  • The erotic appreciation of the Earth and passionate human love is intertwined in this poem. Do you have such a moment to write about?