Lonner Holden's Wild Soul Story


lonner-holden_img_0646-cropped-tight Lonner Holden grew up in Alaska, mountain trekking and backpacking in grizzly country. An avid wilderness explorer, he has floated the Yukon River, skied Denali, summited Mt. Shasta, and kayaked the Northern California coast. In 1972, he was a member of the first south-to-north land expedition to cross the Gibson and Great Victorian deserts of the Australian Outback. A poet, wilderness guide, and all-around outdoors man, Lonner's profoundly moving Wild Soul Story takes us to the stormy oceans off the coast of Alaska, where he finds redemption in the visitation of a tiny sparrow. You can discover more about Lonner's wilderness trips (including a breathtaking trip in the Grand Canyon) by visiting his website.