On these mornings you can hear the trees themselves

speaking, not the birds that have lifted into currents and gone on two miraculous wings. There is grief in their voices, and relief. You know what this feels like, if you have lived. Leaving: letting go of what no longer serves the body and soul, often the heart. I can standby, beside and underneath, and give some sense of comfort by telling them how beautiful this process is, how I admire the way they do it with the bold prospect of witnesses.

I think that relating to the leaf is harder than relating to the tree, unless you consider that the bird left the tree for some grand adventure, and then you go on to realize that we are all leaving each other, constantly.

Our old selves, too.

It was a tree, on one of these delicate barren mornings, that said to me:

“I love to watch you change and grow.”

© 2015/Jamie K. Reaser


  • What no longer serves your body and soul? Are you ready to let go of it?
  • Approach a tree that you are drawn to. Spend some time with her. Then begin a dialog with the tree, beginning, "How can I change and grow?"
  • Begin a poem with the words, "It was a tree...."