Learning from Goslings in Kensington Gardens

A whirlwind: workshops, travel, book signing, talks. In the aftermath of Reclaiming the Wild Soul launching, I am riding high...but I am also hurting. I am in London, the city of my birth; the city of my brother's death. David died almost a year ago, also while visiting my mother in London as I am now doing. While I celebrate the launch of my book––and the good things that have come my way because of it––I also feel tremendous sadness. My mother is noticeably more frail. I look ahead to the time when she will no longer be here. I will be the only original member of my family still alive. It is a breathtakingly lonely thought.

I contemplate this images-5as I circumambulate the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens.The late afternoon light burnishes the autumn leaves. I stand for long minutes watching the fluffy brown Egyptian goslings, just weeks old, huddling together in the cold. They take turns, sometimes braving the winds on the outside of the circle, then moving to the inner circle to warm up. I think of how life is like this--sometimes so exposed, so vulnerable, then safe and cocooned again.

When I think of those I love dying, I feel myself cold, thrust to the edges of life. But there is so much that warms me. I am blessed with a husband who holds me close. I have work I care about. Friends I love. Places that stir my soul.

Like these tiny goslings, I am constantly seeking that safe, warm center within.

And you?