Kai Siedenburg's Wild Soul Story


A nature connection guide and writer

Wild Soul Story

who helps people cultivate intimate, mindful and juicy relationships with the natural world, Kai Siedenburg takes us on a walk into the woods close to Santa Cruz, California. There, practicing the skills of mindfulness and receptivity that she has developed over the years, she experiences a moment of deep intimacy with a bay laurel tree. Told with rich and loving detail, this beautiful story inspires us to seek out nature with a gentle heart and quiet mind.

As the founder of Our Nature Connection, Kai offers group programs, individual sessions, and consulting services.  She has developed a large volume of nature connection tips and practices appropriate for diverse settings and is exploring opportunities to share them more widely.   She also is writing a practical, poetic, and playful guide to connecting with nature for modern humans.

Kai’s work is co-created with the natural world—guided by the generous wisdom of trees and mountains, water and stone—and infused with love for people and the Earth.   It also is informed by a 25-year career developing innovative educational programs for non-profits, and by extensive personal practice in nature connection, mindfulness, holistic healing, and creative expression.

You can visit ournatureconnection.com to find out more about Kai and to receive tips, original poetry, program information, and more.