Jamie K. Reaser's Wild Soul Story


Biologist, poet, author, environmental educator and wilderness guide,

Jamie. K. Reaser's Wild Soul Story

Jamie K. Reaser is a woman whose love of the natural world takes many forms and passions. But where did this love begin? In her exquisitely told story, Jamie tells of being a six year old child, partially paralyzed at the time by a grand mal seizure, who encounters a toad in the window well while playing in the basement of her home. Gazing into the toad's eyes, something stirs in Jamie, and a deep love of amphibians takes root. It is a love that will guide her life and her studies, and help to shape her world (and therefore ours). You can find out more Jamie by visiting her Talking Waters blog page. As well, you can find her many books of poetry and her "Courting the Wild" series on her Amazon page.