James Scott Smith's Wild Soul Story


Poet, psychotherapist James Scott Smithand wilderness guide, James Scott Smith tells his wild soul story of spending time by a lake in Northern Ontario as a young child. Here, amid days of unstructured exploration, he describes being found by the sacred consciousness of the wild. His story leads up to one particular tale: Wild Raspberries. Told with the attention to detail you'd expect from a poet, and deeply reflective and wise, this is a Wild Soul Story to set your own heart stirring.

Breaking from his formal career in 2006, James enjoys his family and home life, the Colorado backcountry, his dogs, fly fishing, photography and writing. James is the author of Water, Rocks and Trees, awarded Honorable Mention in the 2015 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize and available now where books are sold.

You can find out more about James's book of poetry by clicking here.