I Am a TreeSister-- Will You Stand with Me?


TreeSisters is a women’s organization dedicated to radically accelerating rates of tropical reforestation through the committed actions and crowdfunding of a global network of women. They see feminine energy and capacities as a major missing link in the creation of systems that can bring us back into balance with nature and they work to address that. If you would like to feel a wave of inspiration today, then take a couple of minutes and watch this short video: www.GrowTreeSisters.com

This month (from Sept 22nd - Oct 29th) they are calling for the global sisterhood to help them raise the funds needed to build the high functioning website and community platform needed to take their movement to scale. I'm helping them and I would love you to join me and do the same.

Here are some super simple steps to support them:

  1. Watch the short film and share it on facebook with a call to your friends
  2. Please donate - every single donation will add to the momentum
  3. Invite your friends to the 1000 Goddesses facebook event
  4. Post on facebook, tweet, pin or email e-mail - take some time to imagine what a global network of mobilized women could achieve and then invite everyone that you know to step in - link to www.GrowTreeSisters.com and use #GrowTreeSisters
  5. If you have a network or mailing list that you would like to share this with then e-mail Sophie.m@treesisters.org and she'll send you the media pack with all social media content
  6. Share this blog yourself or send it to bloggers who might resonate

This is such an important initiative and I want to see it become a household name and change the way we relate to forests and our role as caretakers of nature. Please do what you can to help this month - with our gratitude. Together, we really could reforest the face of this world - let’s gather together and make this a reality.