Fauve, a poem  







Caw Caw, Caw Caw Caw. To comprehend a crow you must have a crow's mind. To be the night rain, silver, on black leaves, you must live in the shine and wet. Some people drift in their lives: green-gold plankton, phosphorescent, in the sea. Others slash: a knife at a yellow window shade tears open the light. But to live digging deep is to feel the blood in you rage as rivers, is to feel love and hatred as fibers of rope, is to catch the scent of a wolf, and turn wild.

~ (c) Arthur Sze ~

  • Become crow's mind, or leaf's mind, or wolf's mind, and write a piece from the perspective of your chosen creature or being.
  • The poet begins with the language of crows. Start your poem by writing down the sound a wild creature makes, and see where it leads you.
  • What would it take for you to live from your wild self?