Eila Kundrie Carrico's Wild Soul Story


Eila Kundrie Carrico is an Eila Kundrie Carricoinitiated Celtic priestess, teacher, and author THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER: STORIES OF WOMEN, WATER AND THE WORLD. As you might imagine, her story is a water story. And it is one full of adventure and awareness hard won, when a friend falls into a raging river and is swept out of sight.

Eila grew up in rural central Florida where she saw divinity in the purple clouds that hung low over the central Florida sky and felt profound presence in the sunlight shining through leaves. She sang, danced and rode horses; spent long hours under the shady row of sunflowers in her garden, and nursed countless puppies, sheep, calves and birds back to health with all-night songs. Eila taught and lived in Paris, Ghana, Thailand and India before settling into her studies of Anthropology, Religion and Chinese Medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, Eila lives in the hills of North Berkeley next to a magical portal of a Maple Tree on a bed of ancient, knobby rocks surrounded by ivy and jasmine with her young son and partner. You can find more about Eila and her work at EilaCarrico.com

Please note: The quotation cited as Viviane Dyzak is actually from Holly Hamilton,DD, Founder of Awakening Avalon School of Earth-Based Wisdom.