Do You Have a Wild Soul Story?


I realize one of my greatest joys at present is interviewing people about their Wild Soul Story. These stories can take place at any time, from childhood to the present. Each person's story is different, but it is always about awakening through nature to something deeper and truer within ourselves. Listening to these stories my heart breaks open. I'm beginning to see patterns--how the Earth seems to speak to us when we're at our most confused and looking for answers, or when we're ill and in need of healing. Or when our longing is fierce within us.

When are you most open to the wisdom of the wild?

Two Wild Soul Stories told to me by women took place when they were just twelve years old. Did you feel the same call to the natural world when you stood between girlhood and womanhood? Or as a young boy, on the cusp of adulthood, how did the wild speak to you and your life?

Common threads weave among our experiences, despite the differences in the details––the need to connect and be a part of something larger than ourselves. A desire for meaning and for magic. A deep wanting for there to be more--more love, more connection, more joy.

In listening to people's Wild Soul Stories, I am reminded of the many stories I have heard over the last decade of doing my Wild Soul work. In sacred circles we gather to share what has meaning for us, what we care about, what we truly love.

These things are never to do with money or prestige or position. They are to do, inevitably, with what draws us into the heart of the world, to each other, and the wonder of being alive.

When I return from visiting my mother in England at the beginning of May, I'll be holding a free "Write Your Wild Soul Story" teleclass. So please stay tuned for that.