Clouds Are Flowing


Clouds are flowing in the river, waves are flying in the sky.Life is laughing in a pebble. Does a pebble ever die?

Flowers grow out of the garbage, such a miracle to see. What seems dead and what seems dying makes for butterflies to be.

Life is laughing in a pebble, flowers bathe in morning dew. Dust is dancing in my footsteps and I wonder who is who.

Clouds are flowing in the river, clouds are drifting in my tea, On a never-ending journey, what a miracle to be!

(C) Eveline Beumkes

  • Write a poem about nature using rhyme. Don't worry, have fun with it!
  • What are the miracles that you see around you? Make them part of a gratitude journal.
  • Take a moment to look at the sky. Begin by describing what you see in rich detail and then allow free association to carry you onward.

And we'd love it if you could share your writing below.