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Is It Bad to Love Bambi?

Is it really irrational to imagine that a young doe on losing his or her mother will feel afraid and lost? Haven't we seen mother bears distraught at the loss of a cub? And haven't we all read stories of inter-species friendships that seem to clearly point toward the fact that animals––just like us humans––will go to great lengths to experience play, affection, companionship?

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"Walking" by Linda Hogan

Walking, I can almost hear the redwoods beating. And the oceans are above me here, rolling clouds, heavy and dark, considering snow. On the dry, red road, I pass the place of the sunflower, that dark and secret location where creation took place. I wonder if it will return this summer, if it will multiply and move up to the other stand of flowers in a territorial struggle.

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My Tree by Rolf Jacobsen

It’s the cedar – the mother of lingonberry – that is my tree.
It doesn’t need summer  – rain and snow are enough.

Its top is high and ragged, no one hears its sound.
It has a tough, long root that it sinks into gravel.

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Once Upon a Time, In a Forest

Some will say that the  stories we bring home from the wild defy logic and reason. They will tell us that trees have no feelings, do not scream with thirst, or suffer when felled. They will tell us that we are too emotional in our recounting. They will tell us that the loss of a few old trees can’t possibly affect a meadow.

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Do You Carry the "Tender Gravity" of Kindness?

Recently, the concept of kindness has been much on my mind. I have been in London arranging for long-term carers for my 90-year-old mother who recently fell down stairs. She has fallen a lot lately, and it's clear that living alone is no longer a viable option.

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William Carney's Wild Soul Story

In his early teens, his parents move the family to Cincinnati, Ohio, where, outside their apartment is a large woods. There, Bill makes friends with a sprawling Osage Orange Tree, does his first landscaping, and falls in love with a black-throated green warbler. You can listen to Bill story, by clicking here. Let it inspire you to reflect on your own life-changing adventures with nature.

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Kai Siedenburg's Wild Soul Story

A nature connection guide and writer who helps people cultivate intimate, mindful and juicy relationships with the natural world, Kai Seidenburg takes us on a walk into the woods close to Santa Cruz, California. There, practicing the skills of mindfulness and receptivity that she has developed over the years, she experiences a moment of deep intimacy with a bay laurel tree. Told with rich and loving detail, this beautiful story inspires us to seek out nature with a gentle heart and quiet mind.

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Eila Kundrie Carrico's Wild Soul Story

Eila Kundrie Carrico is an initiated Celtic priestess, teacher, and author THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER: STORIES OF WOMEN, WATER AND THE WORLD. As you might imagine, her story is a water story. And it is one full of adventure and awareness hard won, when a friend falls into a raging river and is swept out of sight.

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