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Where Do I Belong?

In just four days I am headed to England, where my husband and I are renting a house in Salisbury for two months. I am anxious and full of anticipation. This is the longest I will have spent in my homeland in almost thirty years. What if I fall in love with England again? What if I don't? What if the ancient stones of Stonehenge, just a few miles from where are staying, cast a spell on me?

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Seeking Solace in Wild Places

One of my favorite books of all time is The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane. In the chapter “Moors”, he recounts the story of the mountaineer W.H. Murray, who didn’t venture into the Highlands of Scotland until 1933, when he was nineteen. The wildness of the Scottish Highlands would quickly assume for Murray, “a near mystical importance; it would also, though he was not then to know it, save him from madness.

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