Writings from Mount Tamalpais


I feel the wind at my back like the Irish blessing, may the wind be always at your back. Not strongly, not pushing or forcing, like a heavy sea wind, but caressing. Yes, "world mothering". There's a healing right there, a soft motherly blessing and encouragement. The wind says in these trees - I sing the woodpecker, I sing the owl, I sing the redwood branches. Such a full pulsing wind, bringing us all together. And the past, too, breath of the ancestors. Breath of the future, wafting back. Always moving, rustling, surrounding, gentle. Reminding me to add my voice, my song. Breathe in the All. Outbreath: All.(c) Marilyn Steele July 12, 2014 Mount Tamalpais


The center of the Earth molten, airless and in total darkness, leaks upward, slinks toward daylight, heaves tectonic plates aside, shoves them under and against one another shaking the Earth with its impetuousness making the land young, as seeds bury their frightened roots into vulnerable pores of the Tempest’s scaly cooled hide.

You have seen that tree jutting out from a cliff––high, solitary, rebellious, insolent of the rigid containment of Earth, as it tears away at the old rules, sneaks in the voices of Earth’s lovers. And they call to her––seductive caress of Water; weakening whisper of Wind; prying passionate hand of Sun.

And her children the silt and the sand are born. Silt birthed into the rivers from on high; sand birthed from the bottom of the ocean. The floods fill the valleys - fertile and nubile; the beaches give rest to migrations from the sky and sea and so we feast and are festive.

Take off your shoes and wander the shore. Dig your hands into the soil and feel where your life comes from. Thank the rocks; thank the fire. Close your eyes and know your dancing bones; know your flaming heart and rejoice.

(c)Lonner F. Holden July 12, 2014 Mount Tamalpais

Choose your element... Marilyn chose the air/wind, and Lonner, the fire. Which of the four elements is calling to you right now?

Go outside and commune with your chosen element for a while--water, fire, air, earth. When you feel as if you have deeply connected, start writing about your chosen element. Allow the element itself to inform your writing and inspire your imagination. Please share what you've written here, for others to enjoy.