She Speaks Slowly

She speaks slowly

with a voice like moss,

soft, deep and damp.

If you’re not listening carefully

you might just miss it,
rising out from the earth 
like vapour,
gently tugging at your ankles.
“Rest” she says,
“Deeper. Rest as deep as I am.
You are moving too fast.
Become soil,
become the slow-growing tree.
Send your roots deep
into the rich darkness
where they can truly be nourished.
Winter is sanctuary
and you are weary.
Come drink of my stillness
and dream in the dark earth.”

(C) Emily Pearce

  • Do you think you are moving too fast? What might be the cost of that? Journal your reflection.

  • Imagine sending your roots down into the dark earth. What dreams and vision might you call forth? Write your dreams down and reflect on them.

  • What gives you rest? Make a list of the things you do to rest deeply. These might include hiking or reading in bed, or meditating. What do you notice about your list?

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