This Is What I Need to Say

This is what I need to say:

My creativity is wanting to come to life.

It's always here, bubbling and emerging like the tide ebbs and flows and always there waiting.

I choose to free my creation.

Let me share that which will allow all human emotions to be respected and embraced.

This is what I need to say:

It seems at first it will be a trickle or just barely enough

but a flood materializes more often than not.

I am free I can bubble and burst.

Listen for the movement

Remove the cork carefully.

This is what I need to say:

It is ever-changing, so embrace what comes forth.

Contemplate, dismantle, reconstruct, resurrect, find relief.

Open up to me -- embrace me as I hold you in a falling sky.

Take your time.

Space is where the magic is.

This is what I need to say:

I am creative and it fuels and energizes my being.

Simply jump in feet first, take the plunge again and again.

My creativity thrives in a river of friends.

We are safe, we are held, we can live from a place of enchantment within and without.

Let it burst and splash and play.

Then replenish me for the day.

(I need to say that I think you're doing fine.)

This is what I need to say: 

It is my blood, my sweat, my soul, my heart, 

it is in my stomach, my feet that move me, my mind:

It is in the joy of connection, a forest of voices.

This is what I need to say.

(C) 2019 Attendees of Awakening Creative Flow: Immersion into the Water Archetype

Expressive Therapies Summit

  • Write about the source of your creativity. Where does it come from? Where does it flow?

  • What dam/ns your creativity? What unleashes it?

  • Write a poem about your creative river beginning with the words, “This is what I need to say.”