In Praise of the Earth this Earth Day

In Praise of the Earth

I am struck this Earth Day by so many feelings: of love, fear, loss, hope.

There are many ways to look at what is happening right now.

I mourn the loss of Eco-warrior and earth-lawyer, Polly Higgins, and the loss of so many life forms on this planet.

And yet, I am also infused with hope. I am cheering on the Extinction Rebellion Movement, The New Green Deal. I am in awe of Greta Thunberg the young Swedish girl whose voice is a crystal bell of truth amid the denial and dissembling.

I am finding more of my own courage in the courage of others–– those who are no longer willing to settle, to remain silent.

That's why this Earth Day, I am inviting you to write your praise poem for the Earth. 

Let's write them and share them. And remind ourselves of what is at stake here.

So here’s a simple format for writing a Praise Poem.

Find something in nature you long to praise, for example a particular tree, flower, sunset. Begin your poem with:

“Praise to…”

Then the second line with
”I am….”
Now continue to describe your subject in bold and tender terms. For example:

Praise to the wild iris
I am brightness, robed in purple splendor.
When bees see me they dip their heads in pleasure.
When I vanish from the fields, you will still look for me.
Even though you know I am gone.

Okay, your turn. Post your poems below. Give praise. Have fun. Head outside and let your imagination run wild.

This Earth Day, may all the blessings of the Earth be yours. And may all of yours be shared with her.

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